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Qualitative Risk Assigning

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Umerfarook Deshmukh
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Can we assign qualitative risk to set of activities from a particular WBS by just selcting WBS in Primavera Risk Analysis? To assign risk by checking individual activity is very time consuming.


 Umerfarook Deshmukh


Dennis Hanks
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Quick Risk Template in PRA will let you assign ranges via activity codes and Risk Factors will let you assign the Risk to any 'sortable' group by using Fill down and the Risk Factors Sheet.  It could be easier, but it is not impossible.

Jenn Weber
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Hi Umerfarook, 

Unfortunately in Primavera Risk Analysis you do have to assign each activity individually.  I agree it is very time consuming! Acumen has just launched a new risk analysis software for both schedule and cost risk that allows you to assign risk values for groups of activities.  You can do this by WBS or group the activities by a common attribute (Contractor, Location, Activity Type, etc.).

I'd be happy to set up a demonstration for you to show you this feature (as well as the many other time and effort savings of Acumen Risk over Primavera Risk Analysis) or you can visit our website for more information.


Jenn Goodrich