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Project Risk Analysis

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Mehas Abdul Aziz
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I was looking for a excel tool which i can do project risk analysis of both schedule and cost with graphical output. I have enabled the excel analysis tool already. But i am just confused with how i can do the same. anybody can help me pls. if somebody is having any sample excel file.... pls advice.




Tekin Guvercin
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Hi Mehas,

I dont know any excell template. It is possible with Excel. But be aware of that risk need to be integrated with your scedule and if you have no both side integration with your schedule it will be very difficult and not effective to get reporting.

one of the best Risk Management Sofware is Pertmaster. But issue is price really not affordable by many users and companies.

I definetly advise you ASTA Risk Management software due to price and intergartion with Microsoft, Primavera and ASTA files.

Price is afordable and you will get

MonteCarlo Risk Simulation

P90, P80, ...P20 Programe

Tornado Grap,

Distribution Charts (Time, Cost, Income, Profit)

Worse Case - Best Case- Mostly case Senarous

Sensitivity Reports.

Please see samples

you can ask ASTA team for trial and see if it will help you or not.