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Typical planning spec.

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Frank Neal
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What is the ideal number of tasks a project should be broken down?

when writing a requirements specification for an RFP.

I have heard 14 max duration and 20 max duration. as typical

Is there an industry standard say for typical large Building type projects?, residential, mixed use, commercial.


Samer Zawaydeh
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As Rodel said, the PMI and the AACEI both recommends that the max activity duration be 2-3 times the reporting cycle durtation.

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Daniel Limson
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Hi Frank,

How are you? Where are you based now?

Regarding your question, I have always advocate to keep a programme "simple and manageable" The level of detail should be kept to a minimum and 2 weeks is I think reasonable. I beleived that the guys doing the work in the field should be given big targets and a chance to plan their work in detail, afterall, they know better than us on how to accomplish the work in the field, in the best and shortest possible way. They should not be dictated nor micro-manage to a certain extent and I believe this makes them more productive.

I am currently in Hongkong. You can email me at

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Daniel Limson
Rodel Marasigan
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Reference: "PMI Project Scheduling Standard" – durations should be at least 2 times less than the update cycle and never more than 3 times of the update cycles with the general exceptions of continuous activities.

Some planning best practice book says – minimum of 1 day cycles so it is easier to track and maximum of 2 weeks depends on the size of the projects.
Frank Neal
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my question should read max duration of a task, 14d or 20d except for say long lead items,