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Primavera Pertmaster

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Jon Ward
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
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Hello all,
i am (what i like to think of) a competant Planner,, i would really like to learn a lot about what Primavera Pertmaster can offer and the correct ways in which to use it,, does anyone know of a user guide or any free notes that may be able to help me,, strangley my employer didnt seem to keen to buy the software then let me learn.
thank you in advance


Darek Lipski
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those links below no longer exist
Have you any other links to pertmaster white papers..?

Jose Ramirez
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Hey, thanks (Roger Gibbs)for posting these links: they have been great to read and understand...
Riyadh Yahia
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Joined: 24 Jul 2008
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Dear Roger,

Thx for the informations you provided about "The white papers from Pertmaster"

It was usefull to me

best regards

Roger Gibbs
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Joined: 19 Sep 2006
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To all,

The white papers from Pertmaster, also the ones written by Philip R., can be found in the following links:

Integrated Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis using Risk Drivers & Cost Templates
(David Hulett, Hulett & Assoc.)

Using the Risk Register in Schedule Risk Analysis with Monte Carlo
Simulation (David Hulett, Hulett & Assoc & Waylon Whitehead,

Assessing Bid Viability in the Organization (Dan Patterson, PhD PMP

Schedule Risk Analysis Simplified (David Hulett, Hulett & Associates)

Project Risk Management Procedures (Bob Harvey, CRT, Inc.)

Risk Management in Pharmaceutical R&D (Martin Powell, Indeco)

Importing Microsoft Project Schedules into Pertmaster (Stephen Cresswell,
Bombardier Transportation)

Sensitivity Measures in Pertmaster 7.7 (Philip Rawlings, Euro log Ltd)

Pertmaster Lags Clarified (Philip Rawlings, Euro log Ltd) Carryover

Modeling in Pertmaster (Philip Rawlings, Euro log Ltd)

Learning Curves in Pertmaster (Philip Rawlings, Euro log Ltd)

Successfully Managing Contract Risk (Dan Patterson, PhD PMP Pertmaster)

Using Pertmaster within a Microsoft Project Environment (Dan Patterson, PhD
PMP Pertmaster)

Controlling Cost Overruns (Dan Patterson, PhD PMP Pertmaster)

More Realistic Estimating: Separating Risks & Opportunities from
Uncertainty (Simon White, Pertmaster)

Benefits of Risk Assessment (Simon White, Pertmaster)

Butler Report: Technology Audit on Pertmaster Risk Expert

Enhancing Project Schedule Credibility (John Zhao, Suncor Energy)


Phil Shatz
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Joined: 18 Dec 2006
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Phil R,

Unfortunately those great whitepapers you wrote are not available on

The link for the Pertmaster information that is available

I would also recommend the case studies

Let me investigate if there is some way we can make these resources available on the Yahoo! user group. My understanding is that Planning Planet does not have a file store, correct?

Sorry, PhilS
Phil Shatz
Pertmaster Business Development
Guildford, Surrey
Philip Rawlings
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You can (maybe) see some white papers on the application of pertmaster at - look for pertmaster. There are also a few I have written at
Good reading.
Phil Shatz
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Joined: 18 Dec 2006
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We have just posted the free Pertmaster seminar schedule for the rest of the 2007 year at the following address:

Here are the dates!

August 28 Portsmouth
September 9 Bristol
September 11 Warrington
September 17 Aberdeen
September 23 Cambridge
September 30 Newcastle
October 2 Belfast
October 6 Dublin
October 8 London Docklands
October 9 Reading
October 15 Aberdeen
October 22 Norwich
November 4 Milton Keynes
November 11 Thurso
November 18 Derby
November 19 Aberdeen
November 25 London
December 9 Warrington
December 11 Bristol

September 17 Berlin
September 18 Hamburg
October 22 Dusseldorf
October 23 Frankfurt
October 28 Zurich
November 26 Stuttgart
November 26 Wien
November 27 Munchen

Feel free to let me have any questions on

Thx Phil
Jon Ward
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
Posts: 60
thats great, many thanks gents
Guy Hindley
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I would agree with the previous response. Download a copy of Pertmaster from their web site. It lets you use the software with a restriction on number of activities and some functionality. This will give you a good idea of what the software is capable of doing - it is prety powerful.
In the UK Pertmaster run demonstrations of their software around the country - free of charge. I presume this happens elsewhere as well. Just look at their website for details.
Hope this helps.
Joao Ribeiro
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I think the best way is to download it. Pertmaster’s manual comes with that download. Of course you will just get an evaluation version with limited capacity, but with some interesting samples.