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Do you have an idea how to transfrer continous probabilities to discrete ones,for example,if i have a continous triangualry dist. (low,most,high) how to transfer it to probabilities to build a desicon tree.


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Dear Forum Guest
Palisade is best direction (of course) beceause this firm produces system DecisionTree (I hear about it :-) but other inetersting link is Decisioneering, i.e. producer of Crytall Ball -> because on the page exists pdf document "trees_vs_mcs.pdf". It is probably interesting here. Other direction is old, Chinesee (?) system QSB (not ancient Chinese of course :-)) with dec.tree capabilities (with PERT/MCS and CPM modules too). it is good for basic research (free soft with books).
Good Luck from Poland
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It should be available a range of tools that allow you to assign continuous distribution in Your node in a tree for decision making.
I can remember I saw something in palisade web site (, they offer some packages using excel as engine.
But also other companies offer similar packages in different platform. You can find them running a web serch with yahoo.