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Interview calls for Planning Engineer

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Jimmy robert
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I appreciate USA and UK Manager Planning that they have ethics for taking telephonic interviews from abroad short listed candidates. First they ask from the short listed candidate that whether he is willing to give interview on the same day or not or want to fix another date. Then accordingly on the agreed date and fixed time, they call the selected candidate on the Fix date which is the best way.

Whereas MIDDLE EAST Mangers are always in hurry. Without taken into considering the pre-occupation assignments of abroad short listed applicant they forcefully ask the candidate to give interview on the same day which is totally unethical and unilateral decision.

MIDDLE EAST, Planning Heads,please change yourself and adopt UK and USA managers ethics, always ask from the abroad candidates about their convenience. This will facilitate you the selection of good candidates for judgment of their abilities in good environment.
Hope so in future MIDDLE EAST, Planning heads will take care of this matter.


Jaco Stadler
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Maybe it is Time for USA & UK Planning managers to adapt to Fast Track Multidiscipline Projects.

Manish Kumar
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Yes, I too agree.

I also find that UK recruiters are quite professional while calling up for interviews. They will give ample time to prepare yourself.