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Davis Bacon Rates - what if multiple county project?

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John Reeves
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Davis Bacon Rates - what if multiple county project?  What if you are on a long rail project that goes through 3 counties?  The Bacon-Davis rate is different in different counties.  Do you pay the highest?  Do you pay the same person doing the same work differently based on which county they are in on the same project.  What if it is a 1 off piece of work that is only located in 1 county? 


Rodel Marasigan
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Yes, I believed so. We have same scenario here in Australia which is more bizarre compared to your example. I worked on a pipeline project that cross from suburb to suburb having a different rates per suburbs. When send it for bid, the contractors submitted rates for different suburbs due to local rates per each suburb. If the local worker was transferred or happened to work on another suburb, he need to get paid an uplift to have an equivalent rate of the current suburb rate. The cost of living is also different per suburbs due to availability of sources including resources. The lower rate usually get from where more resources are available and closer to cities.