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Contractor denies to submit Revised Clause 14.1 Program for 2 YRS

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G. kumar
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Dear All,

Our Road/Brodges project with Original Duration of 2 yrs costing 5bn UAE Dirhams was started in Jan 2012. Contractor submitted CL14 programme within 28 days from work order.  But the scope of work was keep on inceasing from time to time and the project cost increased to 7bn. Taking this as an oppurtunity contractor was denying to submit the Revised CL14.1. Consultants ascertained that Scope of work may increase or decrease in the course of time, but contractor is bound to submit a revised work programme. but he is insisting for the final BOQ. Please assist me for pushing the contarctor to get the revised baseline. Ty.




Mike Testro
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Hi Kumar

If the contractor is not complying with his contractual obligations the Engineer can reduce interim payments until he does.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Rafael Davila
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