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The best university for training PM

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Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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I would like to know which the best international university in PM. Any reference will be welcomed



George Gray
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I am currently studying with the University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen, Scotland. They do an open learning Masters Degree in Project Management. It’s not cheap but it’s reasonably flexible and can be studied from anywhere in the world. And more important the course content is very good and interesting. They are also looking for new students at this time.
razif r
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The best TRAINING in project management is to manage the project by oneself from scratch to its succesfull completion.

The best UNIVERSITY is one that could easily obtain the degree while playing around to its successfull completion.

David Bordoli
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Thanks for your comment and many congratulations on your appointment to the Council of the Association for Project Management – a great achievement which will, I’m sure with your enthusiasm, only enhance and further the discipline of planning and programming.

With regard to PlanWeaver and all that I receive a quarterly newsletter from BIW, I am sure BIW would welcome more subscribers (try going to BIW Technologies). In the lates news letter they say:

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Guy Hindley
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I would endorse the comment ref the ADePT methodology from Loughborough University. To me the use of N2 (N squared) methodology to help define and understand integration in a Project is key, especially at the initiation or pre-contract stage. To have developed this technique to the application stage demands a great deal of academic and practical rigour and must speak highly of the quality of applied research at Loughborough University.

Has anybody out there used ADePT or its associated software PlanWeaver in anger on any of their Projects?
Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Dear Lomas & Bordoli,
Thanks for your reply.
I interest in full-time degree / masters & phD.

Best Regards
David Bordoli
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No doubt we will all end up recommending our alma mater! So here is mine, Loughborough University, UK. Full time and part-time construction project management degrees.

You should look at the research coming out of the universities Mehdi. Loughborough consistently scores high and the AdePT research carried out there is, in my opinion, one of the most significant advances in planning and scheduling in recent history. Professor Simon Austin is brilliant and also a fantastic lecturer.

I would also recommend following my research supervisor, Professor Andrew Baldwin – he is now at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I imagine has some top class course running there.


Mark Lomas
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See Tom Welchs links at this thread.

Are you interested in distance learning or full-time degree / masters ?
Tomas Rivera
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I do not know which university is the best one, but as far as I am concerned, one that you could consider one of the best is The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. I attended this university for my Masters degree in Construction Engineering and Management.

Tomas Rivera
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