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Monte Carlo 3.0 K

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Mohamed Khedr
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I am a graduate student who got interest in the risk analysis and simulation techniques.
Does some one know a place that offers courses in “ Monte Carlo “ in the US?
And if there is a site that offer some on line too.
Is there any of you (Industry people) that actually using Monte Carlo in real projects and how does it benefit your work?


Zanudin Ahmad
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I suggest this website
Guy Hindley
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I last used Monte Carlo v2 for schedule risk analysis. The reports were very powerful, so long as one did not take them too literally, but used them to drive the thought process. By that I mean, we took the reults and it enabled us to work out how to further improve the results of our detirministic networks to give our Customers confidence that we could deliver, and all those other good things Customers demand before they will give you a contract.

Successful risk networking, apart from the technicalities of driving the tools requires a whole cultural change. This is many respects is the most challenging aspect of any risk management, and absolutely essential if if you are trying to quantify the process and use the results in a meaningful manner.

As to your original question ref training, if mememory serves me correctly try the Primavera web site, as the software vendors.

Hope this helps. Guy
Mohamed Khedr
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Joined: 13 Oct 2002
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OK I gave up.

What about Pertmaster.