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Link Primavera & Crystal Report

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mani M.R
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Hai All

To  link Primavera SdK & Crystal Report  i did the below option

1.File -New - Report Expert -OK

2.Standand-Ok-Database-ODBC-Primavera P6 SDK-Admin-Admin (database Connected)

3.I want to create Tabular & Graphical Report for manpower histogram & S curve (We can create it in Primavera also)

 In Primavera SDK Documentation i saw that we need to Change the access Level to 1 & Scope Level to 7 to extract all data.

I believe that we cannot change the Scope & Access level in Crystal Report .

To change the scope & Access level i connect  Excel & Primavera SDK Through Data-From other Source-Microsoft Query-Select Table - Project-

and i write a query to update the access level to 1  & Scope level to 7 . Query was exceuted successfully.

Then Once again i connect the excel & Primavera SDK & Extract the data,but the scope level & access level is not changed

Anyone say me how to change the access Level , Scope level & extract data in crystal report

Thanks a lot






Gary Moffatt
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Anyone trying to connect Crystal with P6, no matter the bits, can install Sqlite database and the ODBC for same. You can innitialize a Sqlite database from P6 without any problems. Clean out the sample projects and restore your project in Sqlite and make your connection to Crystal. I have found it helpful to create an invisable 'select' field to calculate the filter so for each report the filter is just select=T. You can switch your database when you log in to P6.