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Critical Path Analysis Presentation in P6

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Henry Chiu
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Dear Planners,


Our client is requesting us to prepare a critical analysis report in 5 different project milestones. Is there any filter processto produce the report. Client have officially sent a letter identifying the critical path in my schedule. I just dont have the idea in what part of p6 filters or application this report can be extracted.




Raymund de Laza
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The client wants to see a CP on the following:

1. Longest Path
2. Total Float = 0
3. Total Float = 15
4. Total Float = 30
5. Total Float = 45
6. Total Float = 60

Filter your schedule as above and save as layout.

I had an experience with this kind of requirements in one of the Projects I am involves.

Hope this will help.


Hilal Hallani
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Hello Henry,

There should only be one critical path in any programme at the one time. From my knowledge, showing 6 critical paths at the one time is impossible. Each time you schedule a project the critical path might change giving a different path to what you have in your contract programme, for example. Has your critical path changed whilst scheduling? This might be what your client is asking.


Deepak Jain
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Probably, your client want you to prepare CP report showing top 5-6 float paths (assuming you got multiple CP's in your schedule) highlighting varying level of task / activity path criticality.

In such a case , I guess a thorough analysis of multiple activity critical paths become more crucial instead of simply applying filters / layout on a software tool


Henry Chiu
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Thanks for the reply. The main thing that confused me  is the direction from the client to use 6 different critical path. The critical path that was issued to us was in letter identifying the activities associated with the critical path. There is no way I could see the filters use to present the critical path since it is included in their letter to us in word format - indcating the 6 different critical path of the project.

Is there a way to show 6 different critical path.



Anning Sofi
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If you have the client critical path report, check if the TASK FILTER is shown somewhere in the report, so you can use the same filter as theirs.

Presumably, you're on the contractor side; I wouldnt take clients critical path report generated in P6 as the critial path.

Your organization should analyse and validate your own critical path. What was critical last month, may not be critical now, it all depends on current status of your organization, submittals, manpower, production, logistics, materials, NOCs, etc; which, not all may not be in the P6 programme.

For the computer work, you have to define your settings properly? Will you use longest path? total? Progress override? retained logic? multi path scheduling?

Kashif Khan
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plz use the filters mentioning critical activities only, it will display the critical path only, (copy it as an image and use it in your report)

otherwise right click in the bar area and hide all bars except the critical ones and you will get the fair idea and image of critical path.

otherwise if you want to generate the report then go to the reports section and there you will see a nuber of already built in formats otherwise play with it till monday and i will send you the report sample on monday after i get to my office.

otherwise if you want it urgently then keeping the whole scenario in mind write a one page report in word file.