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Where i can see my baseline program after assigning

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Haresh Jayanth
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I have maintained a baseline program and later assigned the same as a target to my actual program. I have also started to update my actual program...Now i want to open my baseline program back again after assigning it??

How to open the baseline program back again , after assigning it.....Where to find it?


Zoltan Palffy
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you cant its locked away and hidden its designed that way. ALWASY ALWAYS as Raviraj said make a copy of the baseline this way if you need to reference it you can do so. 

Rav B
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Always copy baseline program before assigning it, so that if required, you can open baseline later on.
Rodel Marasigan
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You will not see baseline once assigned because it resides at the background. You can always open it by restoring the baseline if you need modification and maintain it back. If you just want to read the data show column start with BL? and same on Gantt Chart (Depends which one you use, project, primary, secondary...etc...)