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Rola Sabbah
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what is the difference between assign baseline & maintain baseline?
and when updating a baseline, where is it saved?
lets say i want to retrieve an update that i made 3 months ago? from where i can get it?


Rav B
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Maintaining Baseline is like creating a list of projects which can be assigned as a baseline to the project.

Assigning baseline is to assign the current project or an existing baseline as the primary, secondary and tertiary baseline.

Primary baseline is used when calculating earned value.

If no baseline is selected, then current project will be used as a primary baseline.

When u will update baseline, it will overwrite. However, a log will be created after completing the update. Check the log to see the changes.

When u will update the baseline, at the bottom-right u will find an option ignore last update date. Tick this box.

To know more details, u can download p6 manual from this link:

(BTW which version u r using P6.2 or P6v7)