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P6 Sample Schedule

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Hi, Good Day, can anyone help me.. i’m looking for a working P6 sample schedule complete with cost & resource loading. so i can see how P6 can be properly loaded & updated, i know that there’s a lot of ways to update it, i just needed to see whats effective if you’re currently migrating from P3 to P6. Please Send a sample to Thank you.




Anning Sofi
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Refer to the sample/demo projects of P6.
Akhtar Mehdi
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I am looking for a sample p6 scheudle , i unchecked the same while installting p6 due to oracle issues in windows 7



hahahaha... nice idea.. thanks...
Neil Walsh
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Book yourself on an Advanced P6 course, and then when the instructor isn’t looking, export all the sample projects from the laptop you use, to a flash pen (like I did) :-)

Unfortunately, I don’t have these anymore, otherwise I would have sent some to you.

Thanks, but i needed samples other than that, can you help me? thanks.
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When install P6, a sample database is available on CD for installation, there are lot of sample projects on that database