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P6.7 and Windows 7

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Dennis Hanks
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Anyone know if there are any problems with updating P6.2 to P6.7 under Windows 7? P6.2 is working fine under Windows 7, so I do not expect any problems, just wondering.

Any experiences with going from P6.2 to P6.7 in either Windows XP Pro or Vista would be appreciated. Any tips to avoid installation hassles.


Dennis Hanks
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Thanks Arnold, I may try to upgrade my laptop this weekend. If all goes well, will try the desktop next weekend. Prim83344 makes it look fairly straightforward. No mention of Windows 7, so we will see. Again, thanks.
Arnold Puy
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Hi Dennis,

Once you have P6 v6.2.1 installed in your machine and you are planning to upgrade to P6 v7, first of all backup your database for security reason.

You can even upgrade to P6 v7 without creating backup just like what I did but at your own risk.

I didn’t face any problem with MSSQL configuration because P6 v7 will not prompt the configuration of your existing database during upgrading, it will just simply finish the installation without asking Username & Password. It is very easy NOW...

You can install it in Windows XP Pro or Vista...

For more information refer to Solution ID: prim83344