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filter issue (sucessor end with ...)

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Bridget Tang
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Hello fellow,

how the filter of the "sucessor end with certain activity" work?
i have one contract award milestone for each package(13 packages in total), and I want to see the activities lead (directly and indirectly ) link to the contract award milestone.

How can I compose such filter?

previoulsy, I used the "sucessor" "end with" the "contract award", but only those activities directly link(predecessor)the milestone show up....

What should I do?

Thank you for your help!!!!I need the filter work badly!!



Bridget Tang
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Hi Julius,

Thank you so much for your explanation.Yes, as you said, the logic trace command could help a lot.

However, I am still wondering if there is the option of "sucessor ""end with""some activity"in the filter edit,how dose it work? why by selecting certain activity, activities end with it could not show up.
Or in other word,what is the difference of "sucessor""end with""some activity" and "sucessor""contains""some activity"?

I wish I could paste my print screen here....
julius achy
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Hello Bridget,

What will actually work in this case is the trace logic command.
Trace Logic enables you to step forward or backward through a sequence of activities to focus on predecessor/successor relationships.

Trace Logic, which is displayed in the lower layout, represents relationships for an activity you select in the Activity Table, Activity Network, Activity Usage spreadsheet, or Gantt Chart currently displayed in the upper layout. A red border around an activity box indicates a critical activity. A line connecting activity boxes indicates an activity relationship.

Use the Trace Logic layout to

Examine an activity and its predecessors and successors

Determine why an activity is scheduled at a particular time, answering questions such as: Were any of its predecessors delayed? Do any of its predecessors or successors have an obsolete constraint? Are two activities that should be linked start to start currently linked finish to start? Why is there negative float

Display Trace Logic
Choose View, Show on Bottom, Trace Logic, or click the Layout Options bar and choose Show on Bottom, Trace Logic.


The activity boxes in Trace Logic display the same information as the boxes defined for the current Activity Network layout.

Let me know if this relevant.

Julius Achy