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P6 - how do i copy the project / back it up

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Good morning all,

I have just started to use P6 and am teaching myself. Have come to it from using P3, so it is all a bit different. I have the software loaded on my laptop and it is not a server based apllication install, just a stand alone on my laptop.

I want to back up the project onto my network drives. In P3 I used to be able to either use the back up function, or simply copy the project and call it a different name for use as my back up.

How can I do this in P6? as at the present state if my laptop dies I am up sh*t creek with out a paddle.

Many thanks


armando moriles
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Thanks a lot...Now I have a backup file & sent copy to our IT...Thanks again.

Start --> Programs --> Microsoft SQL-Server 2005 --> SQL-Server Management Studio Express --> Log in --> select pmdb --> right mouse button --> all tasks --> back-up --> select the location of the backup-file --> run. You may mark write over existing... (I don’t remember the correct name). You’ll need the right to create a data-file within the selectect directory.

Or ask your IT staff

Good luck!

armando moriles
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I have a problem locating the backup functionality which is actually this thread is all about. Can you give steps how to do the backup?

Also, can the backup database be copied, configure other pc using the backup database as the active database?

Many thanks...

Arnold Puy
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Hi Arman,

That’s right. It must be empty because you did not yet perform the backup. To make it not empty you must have to backup your database.


armando moriles
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Your right, I find it really important to backup the whole database.

Using P6, are you referring to the following?

c:\program files\MSSQL\primavera\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup?

If it’s correct, then I have a problem because my Backup folder is empty...


The export copies one or more projects but you’ll have more know-how on your pc which might be destroyed by a crash or just by mis-usage.
1. Using export, don’t forget resources and roles. For import into a new database first import resources and roles then the projects. This doesn’t include EPS, preferences, ...
2. Primavera automatically includes MS SQL server studio express. Start it and use the backup-function. In the worst case this will be able to restore the complete database. The back-up you can easily learn by yourself, restore must be done by an IT staff.
A good start and good luck for planning!
Mark Chapman
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The copying method isn’t ideal. If you want the project screen to contain a portfolio of projects and not just copies then this could be a problem.

There are at least 2 ways of getting round this and that’s creating a portfolio of projects (or sub-projects). This is a bit messy from memory.

Then you could use baselining as copying. This has the advantage that you can’t see this version on your project screen plus you can report on fields side by side. The down side it’s a little tricky to restore or review the majority of this project.

Finally you can use the method Tarek provide and then filter out the copied projects.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you very much, worked a treat. Feel safe now!


Tarek Barham
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It is very simple,

to copy : go to project icon, select your project, open, right click copy, select the place to past it ( in the Enterprise structure) the make past action.

How to backup, just open the project, go to file menu, select export and follow the wizard.

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