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Frankie Jee
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Hi, ( hope this thread gona help me out )

I have developed a new baseline plan in my company, with estimated duration of the activities. My company doesnt have any record of any manhours required for the particular task. Please tell me how i would i know that how many manhours required for any task.What is the best way to collect this data ( Manhours ).


Frankie Jee
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Hey Ravi
Thanks Mate...

I know its gona be silly but is there any thumb rule or formula to calculate the productivity rate of machine or manpower productivity?...i appreicate if i can have such formulas etc....

Raviraj Bhedase
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U need to actually collect the data from the floor superidentent and then produce ur productivity rates depending upon the machine and manpower productivity. The rates provided in the books are for standard conditions and it will vary from job to job. In ur case, it solely depends upon the machine productivity and then manpower.

If its a product, then u can have the standard productivity rates, but if the design and specs of the item changes everyday, then u hav to define ur own norms by taking with the floor team and ur knowledge base.


Frankie Jee
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Thanks for your reply guyz...
Lemme tell ya that i am involved purely in the production field ( Fabrication, welding, sandblasting, painting etc. )

and unfortunately they company is quiet new and doesnt have any data, even BOQ ...well i think i should collect the manhours spent on particular tasks by filling up the timesheets in the production floor...wat do u guyz advice....
Gordon Blair
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Entirely Dependent on the nature of the deliverables. Assuming your company has no norms to work from, you would as Arnold has suggested, work up from the BoQ and Crew rates for Construction / Installation activities.

However, if your manning up design deliverables, your best bet is to sit with the design leads and go through the estimating process with them (by sitting with them, rather than just giving them an excel dump to load manhours against, you get a feel of where the hours may be being ’padded’ to provide a degree of "engineer’s contingency" :) ) It also gives you the opportunity to capture any assumptions and exclusions at source.

If you’re really stuck, and you don’t have access to the engineering team for any reason, I would suggest trawling your company’s financial / cost control system to ascertain actuals from previous, similar jobs (this is always a good sanity check for your estimates anyway - and the first step along the way for developing your own company norms for future use), but bear in mind, no 2 jobs are exactly alike, whether it’s a different type of plant, different geography, different risks, or just different people.

Hope this helps,

Arnold Puy
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Hi Frankie,

To know how many mnahours required for any task, first you should have the BOQ. Each task having the quantity assigned will be multiplied to the Productivity Rate depending on the Company’s Manpower Rate.