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Schedule % Complete / Duration % Complete in P6

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Velmon Capanayan
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I have imported a program from P3 to P6 (Baseline & Actual) , and i got everything, targets, actual dates, progress etc,.
However, in P6 the the subtotal of "Schedule % Complete is not showing correctly, it doesnt show any thing it remains 0%, but for individual activities it is showing correctly as exactly in P3
and For "Duration % Complete", there is a subtotal but not tallying with the values on P3, but for individual activities it is showing correctly.


zoltan palffy
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you can not look at % complete like that becasue each activity can have a different % complete TYPE it can be physical,duration or units so in essence you will mixing apples and oranges.

you can see the diffent % complete types and how they work at my link below



Anbin Ponnith
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Dear All,

How do I get percentage complete in P6 considering the duration weightage.

Please help.




Michael Lepage
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Old post, but there's a great guide explaning how schedule % complete works in Primavera P6 over here https://www.planacademy.com/primavera-p6-schedule-percent-complete-guide-1/

AB Timo
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The Issue you are discussing is not an issue infact.The grand Total for activity % is not shown because there is no use of it.From name you can guess that it is activity percent not the project percent.If you want to see the project percent then it is one step process,i.e,BC/BCWP*100=project % complete...But in activity % complete column you will get only activity % individually.Still if you think I did't get your question or you have any other issue regarding P6 then email me your project along with a detailed mail @ fayez@almobty.com  or engineerfaiz_aries@yahoo.com

Abhimanyu M
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Hi Deepak

    If you have three activities A,B & C.Suppose both A & B is having Finish to start(FS) relationship with C (condition C is the final activity which affects project completion date).

A->C(FS with lag 3)

B->C(FS with lag 0)

Both B is a critical activity  & A is having a total float =3. So A is not critical.

Simon Willson
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If you link all of your activities with finish to start relationships and create a chain through your project, then of course, they will be critical.  The critical path is defined as the longest chain of events running through your programme and also activities which have a total float of less than n days.  You can define the n days (I mandate 10 days for my team which gives early warning of when activities will be turning critical). 


Saeed Boruzi Niyat
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Dear Deepak,

Send your file to me. I'll check it for you.

I'm B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.E. in Construction Project Management.



Joros Burgondy
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Hi Velmon,

Maybe this would help you assign a one resource as manday in all of the activities in your export P6 to calculate the duration percentage as well as your baseline programme for the schedule %, but in order to get % in updated programme you have to be sure that the resource manday should be in Baseline, and update it accordingly it will show all you have asked for.

Remember this is %  duration complete.





Deepak Gowda
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Hi All,

I am new to project planning although i have used P6 four years ago i have for gotten everything. After long gap i have started scheduling residential villa project , for me all activities coming as a "Critical Activity" ????????? i have linked all activities based on FS logic one after another. like chain link. when i did it years ago i used to get some non critical activities too but now i am getting all activities as a critical activity. Please any one can help me out in this regard. It will be a great help.







Almario Nicodemus
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hi senthil,


the same here is my issue, but i tried to copy how's my P3 file organized from P3 itself and copy the same to my P6 orginizing concept, its done, but the problem is,after i am reviewing my WBS codes to my new P6 files,there are missing codes which are not copied to my P6 imported file.


hope someone will help.




Tony Scott
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We are having a similar problem (no P3 import, but rollup issues).  We want to clearly indicate to our Project Manager the percent complete on a rollup basis....but are unable to get the percents to rollup correctly.  The only exception is Duration % Complete, but this is not a practical rollup to truly indicate progress.  Having a real struggle with this one, and would appreciate any ideas or input!


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i am new for p6. i want to import p3 file & run in p6. i already finish my import action from p6. but my imported schedule display only activities without any wbs or activity code bands.

can anybody tell me to solve this problem.



Velmon Capanayan
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thanks again dieter
Hi Velmon
No chance to give a general reply. It will depend on your needs: the contract, the agreements on percent complete e.t.c. Sorry! But I’ll send you my mail-adress for further discussion.
I’m not very familiar with the percent complete in P3 - just user knowledge.
Velmon Capanayan
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If it’s not built for each type, what do you suggest to show in the P6 program, that can give me a correct value, correct Subtotal?. I just want it to be the same as P3 values.

Baseline %
Actual %
Baseline Start/Finish
Actual Start/Finish.

Only the above list I wanted to show in P6, But Baseline / Actual % are not giving me the correct subtotal after it was imported to P6 (from p3).

Hoping for your usual support.

Velmon Capanayan
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Thanks for the usual support.

The summary is not built for each type. I just checked: The BL %-complete types, physical, activity. For the latter in my opinion it is ok; duration is calculated for the summary bar and not added, some more as well.
Important factor are your settings under earned value - Admin preferences --> EV to be overwritten for a special wbs in the view "wbs" --> detail tab "Earned value". This is similiar to the autocost rules of P3. The %-complete type can be fixed for each activity separately.
Some details are not evident for me as well. Next month I intend to check this calculation a little more in detail - will depend on my workload.
Velmon Capanayan
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it was already checked before. but still the same, 0% Values & Blank. Onlly the duration % Complete is showing the group totals but it not tallying with the p3 vslues.
This is a different item: Under "Group&Sort" there is a box "Show group totals". If you’ll mark it, the summaries will be shown.
Velmon Capanayan
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Thanks for the info. But the Help Hint doesn’t give me any good information for the summarization rules.
In p6 for the “Schedule % Complete” all individuals are tallying as what it was on P3, but for the sub-total it doesn’t give any values, only 0%. There might be some options to show the subtotals which I fail to discover.

Another one, for Physical % Complete? All individual activities has a correct value tallying with P3. But for the subtotal I doesn’t show anything, BLANK only.

For the Duration % Complete, not all individual activities are not showing correctly as per P3, so I doesn’t give the correct subtotal also.

Can I have your email? I’ll send my program in PDF, or u can send thru this email rme59258@gmail.com then I’ll forward it to you.


AS P3 and P6 are different programs, not all data items and rules for summarization are defined the same. Two ways to get the definitions:
- The Reference manual
- Switch on the "Hint Help" ("View" --> ..) Move the mouse into the table area --> right click --> "Columns" --> open the category "Percent complete" --> click onto the item you want to know and a small window will open with the rule for calculation and for summarization.