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Date format when exporting from P5 to Excel

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Mervyn Ferguson
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When I export data from P5 to Excel I’m getting a tick in front of the date like so - ’2008/12/22 08:00:00
Can any one explain to me why this happens & how can I remove it without editing a thousand entries !!


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If you intend to update in excel and import back to PM, you should not convert to other format.
Praveen Muniandy
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Try to convert using the formula in excel

=text(cell ref no,"dd-mmm-yy")

This should help you.

Benjamin Mora
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Try this Example:
1|’2008/12/22 08:00:00| =A1[Enter Cell Coordinate]
[Right Click] B1 [Select] "Paste Special", [Select] "Values" and Finally [Left Click] "OK"

If that did not work, try this should:

[Copy] or "Ctrl" & "C", at the same tiem, this symbol "’", [Select] the whole column that has the date and time data, [Press] "Ctrl" & "F" at the same time. A dialogue box should appear. [Left Click] the tab that says "Replace", place your "Cursor" in the "Find What" text box and [Press] "Ctrl" & "V", at the same time" or [Paste]. Finally, [Select] "Replace All". That should remove the "’" symbol.

Be careful not to get these symbols confused (I did): `, ~, ’, or ’. It is better to [Copy and Paste] the character as it appears in the Excel Data sheet. That way there is no mix up of the symbols.