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Can i get some help on Macros

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Balu Karunakaran
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How can i learn the fundamentals of macros and from where?


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Hi Horlen.
Primavera use Java API to access data. So I think we better learn Java. :-)

But for macro, we can use Primavera SDK to handle it.
Andrew Dick
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I have taught myself basic macros by planning the steps I need to do, and then recording those actions as I go using the record new macro function.

If you take the time, you can then edit the macro and get an understanding of how the thing works.

Even better if you are doing several worksheets with the same formatting you can do one, then in the edit function you can copy and paste the remainder and just change the worksheet reference number. Always remember when you record your first one to do all the steps from the start up to and including the 2nd step on the next sheet, that way you get the loop.

I have also used them quite successfully in conjunction with HTML batch reports to generate wads of data in very short times out of Primavera, I have found this invaluable.

Horlen Astudillo
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Macros can run over many applications that complaint with Ms VBA, Visual Basic for Applications, if you know some about Visual Basic, so it will be easier to learn about the specific application that you want automate. e.g. as K.D. said Ms Excel is VBA capable so in this case you have to learn about the objects, methods, events, and fuctions that Excel offer for programing.

Other all Ms Office applications are VBA capable, and other Control software, I dont konw if Primavera is VBA capable.

Regards, Horlen
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I think when you learn Microsoft Excel to advance level, you will get knowledge of Macro.
Material can be found on Microsoft website, or Help function.