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Software compatible with Teamplay (IT Project Offi

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Andrew Pearce
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I am currently working on a tender where the client states
" The employer has selected the use of Primaverea Teamplay Version 4 software to contain and manage the programme information"

I am preparing a tender programme for the project which is circa £200m in the uk with 4 separate sites, all sites running concurrently. The project is esentially traditional construction Concrete and steel frame containing a process operation.

I would normally use either Power Project 8, suretrak or P3, can anyone advise on the compatiblity of the above with Teamplay.

Thanks Andy


Alex Wong
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P3 and suretrack is most compatible with Teamplay/P3e

If you already have P3 license, I suggest you invest few hundreds $ to get a upgrade or buy a copy of Teamplay.

BTW Teamplay, P3e and P3e/c is exactly the same thing, (same platform, database) the only different is the type of licenses (named user or concurrent). Primavera market them to different industry and now they call all of it as Primavera Project Management.