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Physical % complete of overall plan

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Thomas Nicholson
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Morning all, 

If I add the column Physical % complete, is there a reason it won't show me that percentage on the top line as it does with schedule % complete etc?  Is there a way to make it do so or is it a calculation problem that causes it?




Thomas Nicholson
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Cheers guys, I think I was hoping for something allowing me to input the physical % complete for each task and have it give an overall figure at the top.

I know it does it for Schedule % complete but so much of our work takes place later in the plan it would be inaccurate. 

I may try activity % complete though, thanks Zoltan amazing as always.



Santosh Bhat
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Aside from the software, a physical  % measure of an entire project would be difficult to determine. When considering a single aspect of work, eg, metres of piping, or cubic volume of spoil, you have a very tangible measure of physical progress. But what if your project consisted of both piping and spoil?

In those cases you need  a common denominator for measuring the effort. This is the method that Earned Value adopts, but using common denominators of Manhours of work, or cost in Dollars, as these can be equally applied to both type of work and then aggregated to give overall project % complete.

The above is one reason why when using physical % complete in P6, it wont aggregate at a group level.

Zoltan Palffy
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try actviity % Complete or schedule % complete