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Which smart features of P3 do you miss?

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Erdem Uysal
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Joined: 2 Jul 2008
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I have been using P6 since 2008 but I still miss some smart features of P3.  My favorite two is below. What is yours?

- Floating successor, predessor and recources windows.

- Smart keyboard shortcut keys which lets you navigate, input and check the data through the programme quickly.


william chee
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in P6 the feature LOE (activity type) is same with hammock.  I missed "zero total float" and floating windows in P3.  Key in data is a lot faster in P3 compare to P6.

Hi Mimoune,

what is the option of hammock  between two activities that was lost in the transition?



mimoune djouallah
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the resource usage profile was much better in P3, a lot of different combinations in resource histogram were possible. the option of hammock  between two activities was lost in the transition.

It does not look like people miss something serious.

Mike Testro
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Hi Erdem

Its not smart as such but the ability to put a different colour on each task was an essential element dropped by P6.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Joe Robertson
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For me it has to be target comparisons. I'm not a fan of how P6 "swallows" what I declare to be the baseline. It's hard for me to picture Primavera debating this feature and deeming it an improvement over P3's method.

But I will agree with you about the floating windows. I have dual monitors and it hurts my productivity to cram so much on 1 screen.