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Password prompt when restoring P3 backup with SureTrak

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Shane Pouch
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Hello to all,

I have received a P3 project backup file (PRX), that I successfully restored with SureTrak.

When I try to open it though, I get a Primavera login dialog box requesting a username and password. (NOTE: I have tried opening it both as a Project Groups type project and as a Concentric (P3) type project, and got the same result.)

Weird thing is, when I asked the originator for the username and password, he said he has never placed a password on the project.

Any ideas?


Paul Harris
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The password is suretrak normally when opening a SureTral file with P3.

Paul E Harris
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Rodel Marasigan
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USERS50.P3 file maybe included when backup was done. Just delete USERS50.P3 and it should be okay.
Shahul Badhusha
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After opening the zipped PRX format, copy and paste the programme in a folder ,then open the programme through browsing the folder where you unzipped PRX format.On doing this it might not ask username and password