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Activity cannot finish until another - zero float

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smithie johnny
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I am trying to work out how to drive logic within schedule to be finish dependent. That is the activity must finish when another activity is 50% finished, but that is has zero float between the activity finishign and the other one being 50% completed?

Like the idea of JIT -- "just in time": so the car seat gets manufacturered in a timeframe driven by when it needs to be assembled into the car, so that ther is zero float between the seat arrives onsite at the car factory, and the seat needs to be installed into the car.

How do i set up P3 to deliver this outcome???


Frank Borcherdt
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Two ways to try:-

1. Activity A 20days FF to Activity B 2 days then reschedule changing Schedule Durations option from Contigous to Interruptible and back (found in Tools, Schedule, Options). No percentage option in P3 but you could put -10 days lag on the FF.

2. Activity C 10 days FS to Activity D 10 days and Activity E 2 days with FS between E and D. Put Zero free float constraint on E.

No a big fan of FF so I tend to use method 2 and define what needs to happen before E is required and then what can happen once it has arrived.

smithie johnny
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Can you please elobrate on " no earlier than"?

Also the schedule i’m putting together doesn’t have resource contraints just time contraints. Does this help?

Is there a way to get P3 to behave to get JIT?
It is not supported if resources are limited.
All dependencies used in Primavera software are of "no earlier than" type.

The dependencies you need (JIT) are called "strong dependencies" in Spider Project software.