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Where to find P3 book

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Ferdinand U.
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Hi PPeers!

Can someone tell me where in dubai can i buy P3 or P5 book of Paul Harris, i mean what bookstore if u know...tnx



alvin wee
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try here!!!!

but beware of the copy right, still the best to obtain it from amazon after you view the book!!!!
Greg Swartz
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I just purchased a P3 book from Amazon. Reviews say its more of a work book than reference, but good reviews. Planning Using Primavera Project, Publisher Eastwood Harris, 1999, ISBN-10# 0957778317
I think about $65 US.
Paul Harris
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My books are also available from any bookshop, if they are prepared to order it!

They are usually available from places like:

Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Planning and Scheduling Training Manual & Book Publishers & Consulting
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In Dubai, Doubtful!!!

In home page of PP, search for Paul Harris and send a PM to Paul harris directly. He is the best guy to tell u. :-)


ulysses garcia
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in dubai ,im not sure if available,for sure you may find it in