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Paul Kleppert
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I have spent all day trying to understand why my WBS codes will not import from Excel proprerly. The report says "Blank level of WBS value detected, omit processing WBS part of import record". I have read/asked and knowone knows what is happening. Has anyone run into this problem before or know what is happening?



Zoltan Palffy
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unless you use sdk you really cant import the structure only the assignments of the wbs codes to the individual activities. 

If you are using anyhting later than verison 8.4 sdk wil not work 

Please do not take me on, on this but it is always recommended that you put the first line manually in P6. Then do your input. It will also apply for import of resources as well.

Shree Abdullah
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i am unable to import wbs name into p6. it imports the wbs code activities and their ids but the name of wbs does not import. please help me out on this. thank you

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May I know the import WBS codes is to WBS dictionary or against each activities?
If WBS dictionary, please note the sequence of data, the spacing between characters and format of the code value.
If WBS against activities, please check the data format.
Luca Basile
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Have You try the excel utility given in P3 CD-ROM, to import and export WBS structure of the projects?
It should not be affected if some level are "blanck" as look like from You post.
Is in the RA folder.
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I think it is the sequence of data only. For example, import 1.3 before 1.3.1