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Project completion date changed but TotalFloat rem

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P3 Scheduler
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Project completion date brought forward but Total Float still remains the same. Why?

I have an ongoing project whereby the contract completion date is

At the latest update the project is delayed by 72days (Total Float =
-72days) due to reasons beyond the control of the contractor. An
extension of time claim was made by adding the necessary activities to
the schedule to prove that the delay was contributed by other
interfacing contractor. Based on the EOT claim, the contractor was
awarded an EOT of 72days and the revised completion date has been brought forward by 72days from 3FEB03 to 16APR03.

From the menu File->Project Overview...", I have changed the "Project
must finish by:" from 3FEB03 to 16APR03 to reflect the revised
completion date. However when I re-schedule the project the Total Float still shows a -72day instead of zero! Why is it that the Total Float calculation is not based on the "new" completion date?

Any feedback will be very much appreciated.

Best regards,
CS Ong (


Ed van der Tak
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I understood you used the "project must finish date" as a ultimate "wall" for the end of your project. You already found out that projects can be delayed or in other cases activties are still to be planned/executed.

In most cases it is better to leave the PMF date open or at the end of the year (f.i. 31-12-2003) and put a mandatory finish contraint at a "final" milestone. The PMF date puts a limit to (calendar) calculations P3 makes and also the timeframe of the screen and print layout.

So good luck next time!

Ed van der Tak
ARAM Planning Consultants
The Netherlands
P3 Scheduler
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Hi! Tara,

Yes, you are correct! I removed the mandatory finish constraint on the Finish Milestone and everything is ok.

Thank you and best regards,
CS Ong
Tara Muddappa
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The only reason I can think of is you also have finish milestones with Mandatory Finish Constraint or even a Late Finish Constraint.

Please remove this and try rescheduling,this should work.