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Buy Primavera Product in IRAN

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my company like to buy Primavera software
but i cant find any Authorized Representatives provide service in my country (IRAN)


Soheil Jafari
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DADEH Kavan Hooshmand is a reseler of iran in P3 softwere.
for giving address you cal mail me.
Bernard Ertl
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The United States government currently bans the export of all goods and services to Iran unless specifically licensed by the OFAC. Please see for more information.

Bernard Ertl
InterPlan Systems Inc.

Ed van der Tak
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Please contact me if you have not yet succeded in buying Primavera in IRAN.

We might be able to assist you in this matter.

Aram Planning Consultants
Colin Cropley
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Have you looked on Primavera’s website ( at their listing of international dealers?

It may be that the US government is restricting US companies from having dealers in Iran.

I will pass your email address on to the Australian dealer - Primavera Australia Pty Ltd - - who may be able to help you.

Colin Cropley
Australian Primavera User Groups Website Administrator