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2019 Planning, Scheduling, Project Controls Conferences

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Tony Mayers
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Hello everyone,


Can you suggest any interesting conferences, events, gatherings (large and small) comming up in 2019, associated with the following topics?


- technical scheduling/planning

- oracle primavera p6 focused

- turnaround/shutdown processes

- project controls

- construction forensic analysis/delay claims




Santosh Bhat
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Here's a few to get the ball rolling for 2020:

January: Construction CPM, Orlando, USA,

February: Advancing Project Controls 2020, Houston, USA,

February: Western Winter Workshop: Palm Springs, USA,

April: PMCoS Project Management College of Scheduling Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA,

May: Netpoint GPM Conference, Chicago, USA,

June: AACE Intenational Conference & Expo, Chicago, USA,

July: Project Controls Expo - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

August: Project Control Summit 2020, San Antonio, USA,

September: Advancing Construction Planning & Scheduling, Dallas, USA,

November: Project Controls Expo, London, UK,

November: Project Controls Expo, Melbourne, Australia,

Joel Roberts
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What are the top picks for 2020?

Santosh Bhat
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Here are the ones that I am aiming to get to, hopefully...


January: Construction CPM, San Diego, USA

April: Netpoint GPM Conference, Denver, USA

April: PMCoS Project Managemetn College of Scheduling annual Conference, Philadelphia, USA

May: Project Controls and Risk 2019 Conference, Sydney Australia

June: AACE Intenational Conference & Expo, New Orleans, USA

November: Project Controls Expo, London, UK


There are many more, CMAA, PMI, plus many AACE regional conferences around the world to name a few more.