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Refinery Upgrade - fast track construction as an EPCM (use subcontractors schedules)

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Martyn Coates
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I'm putting together a level 2/3 schedule for a refinery upgrade. Client requirement is fast track it as much as poss. I am looking for tips for integrating lots of subcontractor packages into 1 schedule or just using them to do a level 2 myself.

Packages will provide schedules from design to handover 

The aim is to obviously have as little down time as poss with contractors waitining on each other.

I would imagine a number of shutdowns for Tie Ins, Construction is a mixture of brownfield and some greenfield areas.

WBS is general:

Temp facilities, Main process, secondary process units, Utilities & Offsites, Tankage, Export Area.

packages underneath and discipline etc

Areas of concern are what to split into turnarounds or partial shutdowns but engineers will help with this, lifts/excavation in running process areas, access (SIMOPS from sub contractors all wanting to execute at the same time). 

sorry I cant disclose the proj execution plan


My purpose is to try to build an integrated schedule as an EPCM for the client.

Two parts to this: 

1) getting and integrating the schedules, stipulating milstones of inter relationships and avoid delays/claims 

2) handling updates - rules of cut off, lots of sub projects in P6 or just use the contractor schedules as a WBS, specifying coding to use, Higher level WBS they must use, progress etc....  any help appreciated?

I am not a beginner but posting this to improve my view and outlook, I also do not have a large company resource to look at guidelines as I am doing it as a personal project from home.

I'm unsure on the best way to roll up if I use a large number of contractors schedules and link them to each other.

Previously I coded a large schedule into a higher level WBS then grouped and sorted on each level WBS - this took for ever and on every update I had new activities or deleted ones causing problems. reporting was also horrendous.