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Budgeted cost extends beyond the project finish date.

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Renjith RC
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Hi everybody


        I have a problem with one of my program (Updated Program), I want to use it as a revised baseline.  The issue is project finish date is 24-Jan-2019,

 but when i check the activity usage spreadsheet, Cost loaded in the Preliminaries activity (LEVEL OF EFFORT) is extending upto MAR 2019. Cost is loaded as expense based on the requirement from the client. 


Preliminaries activity is using a 7 days calendar

Activity Type is LEVEL OF EFFORT
Duration Type is Fixed Duration & Units

% Complete Type is PHYSICAL



Kannan CP
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Hi Renjith,

In the spread sheet, add rows for Earned Value and the Estimate to Complete.

In the overall WBS for the Project, select ETC=PF*(BAC-EV), where PF=1


If you select the Budgeted Cost in the spread sheet, it will be calculated based on the Planned values, which may confuse you.

Best Regards