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Resource Loading

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christopher redillas
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Hi anyone can help me regarding the subject matter.

I got the xer.file (P6) from our subcontractor with resource loading. however, when I importing the s/c schedule to my P6 the resource loading does not match on his resources. What i'm saying is he has a foreman, mason, carpenter but on my schedule (importing from his xer.file) it doesnt show its different resource is loading.

can anyone advise me how to do this? by the way i'm using P6 version 16.1.




D Artagnan
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Zoltan Palffy
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possible 2 solutions

problem#1 you do not have the proper rights to import resources

solution get the proper rights

problem #2 your setting option when importing is set to do not import 

solution during the import process when you get to Update Project Options select modfiy 

in the second section under Data type: Global in the action column cahneg al lof the setting to Insert NEW

Steven Auld
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On the XER Import, check the Update Project Options to see what settings are being applied when you import the xer file.

Available Options are:

  • Do Not Import
  • Insert New
  • Keep Existing
  • Update Existing

It may be that this is set to Do Not Import for the Resources.