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Resource Not Visible in dictionary though shows assigned

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Shashikant MIstry
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Recently our project was migrated from P6v8.3 to P6v15.2. When I check resource assignment, particular resource shows to be assigned whne I check in 'Resource Assignment' Tab or 'Activity Tab - Activity Details'. However, when I check 'Resource' tab after removing all filter, it doesn't appear. I have used Fiulter> All Resources and also searched using 'Find' option, but could not locate particular resource. If I try to add same resource using same ID, it does pop up message for 'Unique ID', meaning ID do exisits in database, but not visible somehow. There are few cases like this.

I guess this might have happend due to 'Importing' of project while migrating to new version.

Please advise, how to fix this problem.




Zoltan Palffy
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click the upside down triangle and select show all values