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Gulf coast productivity rates

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Morne Johann Bees...
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Hi everybody,

Am i being overly optimistic in asking if anyone can share the gulf coast productivity rates? Reading through a recent thread on here I would like to test the application of manhours to some construction schedules to see how productive we are in South Africa.

I would also like to see what information there is out there in terms of the mining environment and the achievable productivity rates. Obviously locality, geology etc. plays a much larger role in the underground environment but it would be nice to at least have some idea of what is being achieved.

Thanks for a great site by the way.


Alan Hutty
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Hi Morne,

While working for Jacobs at Secunda we were often tasked to copmpare SA productivity (rates) to published Gulf Coast rates. Turned out to be a rather meaningless exercise. Due to the nature of the SA environment, we achieved better results using DACE labour norms.

With respect to mining, the actual methodology utilised outside SA has changed significantly over recent years so one must be careful to compare 'like with like'. Having said that, SA has started to implement the latest technology.