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Activity pausing

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Vinoj Nair
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Hey all, I am concerned about pausing an activity and how? Currently my problem is ,I had scheduled an activity B to start after A , but due to certain site conditions A won't start and B will start as planned. But since A is having FS relationship with B, the schedule will show a delay and show unrealistic dates . Can any one explain what can be done


Sunil Babu
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Hi Vinoj,

If you are not happy with your logic please change that and re schedule.

Best Regards,


Rafael Davila
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Just for fun use retained logic and claim all delay as shown, most probably the client will jump very high. 

Out-of-sequence is not uncommon, there is nothing wrong with a change in plans due to changed conditions or due to any other valid reason.  In such case you must change logic as for schedule be a representation of actual plan and conditions.

Unforeseen site conditions are not your fault, in any case the fault or risk to the client who might have done better with the soil study.  Just imagine client hiding conditions for your quote be low and you absorb all coats, it is a no-brainer for unforeseen conditions be a  cause for a time and cost delay claims. If no delay happened but you incurred in extra cost then it might be the cause for a disruption claim.



Mike Testro
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Hi Vinoj

Just enter the progress as usual - when B is 100% you may need to adjust the FS logic.

Best regards

Mike Testro