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Adjust S curve Y axis value

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Masud Zaman
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Dear Team Member,

Please advise in Primavera p6 (R8.3) from cost loaded schedule; how to adjust secondary axis value to 100% in S curve.

Thank you,



Zoltan Palffy
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you cant if you want to adjust it copy cut and paste the data to excel and play with it. 

Robert Victor Gam...
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The X Axis is timescale where the last activity's completion date is the right hand limit (timescale should be set to PS to illustrate 100% of contract time.)

To show completion cost most clearly on your S Curve, use both Planned and Actuals lines. Planned intersects the Y Axis at 100% contract value, slightly lower than your highest incremented Y value. The completion value is usually slightly lower than the top of the Y Axis for clarity in the graphic and to show its intersection against next the increment in Y values.  

The variance between the Planned and Actuals S Curves is the big focus.

I typically show the Legend defining the lines, then double click the Data Date to get a summary pop-up for the project weekly total and cumulative values (actuals intersecting the Data Date as Y Axis.) 

I hope this helps. The P6 S Curve is highly configurable and prints to the satisfaction of any contract I submitted against. Print Screen and paste it into your favorite graphics application to clean it up. You can insert insert a text box to add data like the dollars at completion, etc. Read your specific contract to see what is required and build a View.

Save that View and all your S Curves will have a professional and uniform Look and Feel.