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Setting default layouts and filters per project

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John Reeves
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Long time P3 user, was occassional now heavy P6 user.  3 things driving me crazy: 

1). when I switch projects I always get the same default layout no what how I had left it, same with the filter.  I want it to look like the last time I was in that file.  It seems like it depends on what I was doing last in general.  My layout section is a mess because I have so many, they need to add an organizational aid.

2). Also, if I open a file, then I open another can I switch back and forth

3). When I try to assign a baseline to my current project it will not pull the exising choices up, to I have to also open the file I want to make a baseline?

John R


Tom Reichner
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Regarding baselines: when you use a project file as a baseline, it disappears from the EPS because its been assigned as a baseline to another project. You can always restore it later to the EPS, but the safest method is first to make a copy of the project you intend to use as a baseline, then use the copy as the baseline. This keeps your EPS intact.


Tom Reichner 

Raymund de Laza
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John, You can save layouts into a particular project. use save as then choose project instead of users. regards.
John Reeves
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I have hundreds of projects and hundreds of layouts...It would be nice if I could designate or associate a set of layouts with a project instead of wading through 100 of them.  I leave a hint in the text which go with which, but I am taking over some projects and that was not the case so it is a guessing game or I just create my own...unless there is something I am missing...

Johannes Vandenberg
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Hi John 1) Save the layout before closing the project. Can be save or save as. 2) Open as many projects as you want. To switch projects go to bottom left part of te screen of the "open" tab. Last 4 opened projects are displayed. Just choose the one you need. 3) Make sure that you have maintained a baseline before assigning baseline. More details on Regards Johannes