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6 Tips to Developing your Project Scope and Schedule – Mind Mapping

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Brian James
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I came across this rather different approach to creating your project scope and generating a project schedule. The article describes how mind mapping software helps by firstly brainstorming the project requirements all the way to assigning resources to tasks and exporting to Microsoft Project for detailed schedule development.

Considering trying it myself but does anyone have any experience with developing a project scope using mind mapping software or something similar?


Peter Holroyd
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works well, very much like Interactive Planning Sessions. 

Drawbacks can be

Sessions dominated by a senior manager

Done early on so team not really up to speed with scope or objectives

Used as a learning session

Team too timid to contribute

Political agendas steer the meetings to unsupported decisions

The mind map has to be interpreted by the planner in MSP - What did the meeting mean by that?

Give it a go! For schedule I would definitely do a IPA asap in the project lifecycle and repeat it before each stage gate