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Data transfer between P6 & SAP Business One

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htc erm
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our plan is  to run p6v7 & SAP business one interconnected for construction projects.

  • our scope might change as contractor or owner ,
  • currently, it is intended to create project in Primavera and  to have data transfer in two way

my concern is that before the project development in Primavera, there might be some expenditures. is it appropriate to start the work flow from Primavera ?

all replies giving support to clarify the work flow/ structure would be appreciated.



Horea Kaii
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You have helped me for an issue on our site for esports talent agency. I am very grateful about that. Thank you!!

Cogniscient Solut...
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You first need to know what kind of technical integration possibilities exist for Primavera (SOAP, RFC, File, etc.). Maybe you should talk to the SAP Business One India developer. There are many SAP Business One developer where you can conatct they will give an effective solution this.