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changing sequence in updated schedule

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Manoj VS
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When my contractor submit updated schedule he change sequence due to non availability of work front which is planned in baseline. Is this correct procedure ?

Please advise me. Thanks in advance


Sapna Rani
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Hi Manoj,

This is not the correct way of schedule updating. Once the baseline is fixed, it is necessary to update the schedule according to the planned baseline only.

The first thing is that always plan your schedule according to the forecast.......

If not possible then show difference in plan and actual bars and can mention the reason for lag....

I think now it is clear to you 


Moin Khan
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Hi Manoj,

as per my understanding, the aaproved baseline should be untouched (Else mentioned in contract).

however for any kind of change in approved baseline should be informend to client.If required ask them to revise baseline as per current situation & then update  it.