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Progress Update Problem

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Mustansar Jamil
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I am using P6 and face a problem. When i update the progress, the activities whose %age is between 0%-100% (Like, 50% complete, 70% Complete etc), the bar against such activities in no more remains continuous but it split into 2 parts, 1st part for completed % age and 2nd part for remaining (or critical) % age and there is a gape between these two bars.. I do not know how to overcome this problem. Because the gap between bar seems like there is no work on this activity for some period of time but this is not the actual case.


Haitham Khaireldin
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Just change the time scale of the Actual Work to Current Bar instead of the Actual Bar. You can find that in the bars settings
Anoon Iimos
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I guess it has something to do with the time period, as P6 is calculating in hours, imagine if your working hours is 8 hours per day and as you know, there are 24 hours in one day, so there's a big gap.

For the workaround, sorry I'm not using P6 for now.