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Changing sequence of work in updated programme

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Sinan Fahmi
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Dear Planners,

     while I am updating my programme of work I faced out of sequence activity, my question is that is it possible to change the relation ship of this activity because after scheduling the early finish of this activity is still be driven by its predecessor activity?


Thanks in advanced


Hadi k. Shabibi
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Your can change it if you find the change is necessary during updates, but should be noted and recorded,

list the change in a LOG file and write the reason of the change then send it to client/PM for his record.

Sinan Fahmi
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Thanks alot..... its clear for me now

Jose Frade
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Hi Sinan


Quite often relation of activities have to be changed (most common reason is to reflect a possible change on project management strategie or mitigate some unexpected impact from late completion of activities, etc).

In every case, relation has to be changed and event noted for later reference. Schedule has to be recalculated every time it happens.




Shahul .
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Hi Sinan Fahmi, PSP

You can revise the relationships if it sounds illogical before updating the program and it has to be recorded for substantiation