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Scheduling software recommendations

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Don Myntti
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Hi, first post.


I am looking for recommendations for scheduling software.  We currently use Primavera P3 but it is time for an upgrade and IT has reservations with Oracle.  I am the senior project scheduler and maintain schedules for up to 15 construction projects at a time.  Our typical schedule is about 200 activities and has a duration of about 3 months.  The original schedule is built in the estimating phase and then a detailed schedule is created with our field superintendant prior to moving in to a job.  The schedules are then updated on a weekly basis and schedules are sent to our PM's, managers, and to the customer.  I am looking for a server based software with features similiar to Primavera Project Planer V.5. 

What is the best software on the market for this type of environment?  What is the most common?  Our customers seem to be split between Primavera and Microsoft Porject.


Thanks in advance.




tessa alfred
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Hi Don Myntti,

I have read your post.

I will suggest you the free project planning software called PlanningForce Express Planner which is a ms project alternative.

This software has an automatic scheduling engine; this means that it automatically calculates start-dates and end-dates of projects while eliminating over-allocation problems.

Most project managers and entrepreneurs found this software useful.

Have a look at it -

Hope you will find this useful :)




Raymund de Laza
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Hi Don,

I recommend you Primavera... Take a look and discover.... 




Rafael Davila
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I recommend Spider Project well above the rest.

Suited for network environment as well for stand alone installations, and with capabilities make the rest pale. I believe most of the others are old technology even those with new face, short of my expectations, like a new one cylinder engine car on an 8 lane highway.

It is also scalable with different options to suit the individual user needs, in addition there is a free viewer that allow any user to view and print reports of your schedules. Insane paying thousands of dollar to provide access to those who only need to view the data.

The extra power is so much above the competition that there is no room here to tell, look at the Spider Project forum and get free demo for you and your team to evaluate.

Two years ago I passed through the agony of looking for a replacement to old P3 and SureTrak while P6 was out of any consideration based on a few years of frustrating experience with P3e the precursor of P6, to my satisfaction found a software I find more capable, Spider Project.

It even changed my point of view about the usefulness of resource loading as for my construction needs P3 was kind of incapable of modeling simple things as true shifts, to display resource leveled float, resource dependencies and many more, my way-around was using the bad practice known as "Soft Logic" to replace true resource leveling functionality.

Try the demo, is free and downloadable from the web. Same as the full enterprise/portfolio version shall take you less than two minute to download and install.

Within the functionality they call Reference Books I can transfer any data from the database tables, if access rights are granted, still looking for a way this procedure can corrupt the database without success yet.

Not sure IT will like it as installation and maintenance do not require special knowledge making them kind of useless. Even database backup is live and automatic.

You can generate Primavera xer files as well as MS Project files, just in case you have a need for such downgrades.

Best regards,