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Exporting from P6.7 to MSP......

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Not too confident with this cna anyone Helpppppp


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Thanks Guys for For your help You all Farr too Kindddddddddddddd

Gary Whitehead
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there are normally issues when exporting/importing planning data between different planning software. The kind of issues that typically arise are :

- incomplete long text strings (descriptions, comments)

- different time analysis results for :

- float ( both total and free)

- out-of-sequence updates

- calendars

- different summarised values of PPC (Physical Percent Complete) based on lower level manhours and progress

- code files not always importing (eg WBS)

- incompatible activity types (especially around hammocks)


So once you've taken the schedule into MS Project, you need to check it thoroughly before using it. And I wouldn't reccomend doing this on a regular basis.

Andy Power
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This depends on which version of P6 and which version of MSP you have.  P6v7 is capable of saving a project in MSP2002/03 XML and MSP 2007 formats and MPX format, P6.2 can save in those formats and MPP.

If you have MSP2003 you can also install the project link element of P6 and this will allow you to open and manage programmes in MSP and save them back to P6, unfortunately I don;t think project link is compatible with later versions of MSP.

Hope that helps.