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Building Terminology - ’Third Fix?’

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Phil Cox
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Hello !

Im from the UK, with several years hands on experience at trade level in building.

I am now working here in the UAE and I am looking a a building tender and my friend, an Indian QS I am working with, is insisting that in my tender programme I call MEP fit out as per the below...

1st Fix - e.g waste pipe penetrating ground slab. (before concrete)

2nd Fix - e.g light switch box (after concrete, before plaster)

3rd Fix - e.g light fittings (after plaster)

In the UK I have only ever heard terminology for 1st and 2nd fix applied to MEP and carpentry. I.E 1st fix = before plaster, 2nd fix = after plaster. I can understand his point but id rather seperate the 1st fix activity into 2 parts, and call the third activity 2nd fix, as per all my previous experience.

Hes a good guy and has worked here in UAE many years so I have no reason to doubt him, he sais the consultants may look at this in their tenderevaluation....Its just that being English I would rather change the world than have the world change me!

Would be intersting to hear if this ’3rd fix’ is in frequent use anywhere else in the world or just in the UAE ?

Sorry to be such a bore, please dont tell my girlfriend I actually spend time thinking about this sort of stuff...




mukunda y
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As explained by u MEP 1st Fix, 2nd Fix, Final Fix defininations are clear...

Shah. HB
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As explained by Mike

1 st fix could be builders works ,activities before plaster
2 nd fix after plaster
3rd or final fix were it is last step of classification of MEP installation .It is preferential construction sequence

As of my knowledge there is no 4 th fix and so on

Even you could refer links posted by Pinan for further clarification

There is another classification in MEP installation that is BOH & FOH i guess that is not required
Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Phil,

Jordan is close to UAE. In our work, the 3rd fix means the Electro mechanical items that will be installed after the final painting of walls and ceiling or Wood Covers, and the installation of Floor tiling or wood.

With kind regards,

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Mike Testro
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Hi Phil - Welcome to PP.

Use the local terminology and follow your friends advice.

Don’t try to change the world you are in - you will lose any potential respect.

In the UK there are usually 3 stages in M&E (MEP) operations.

1st Fix - before plaster
2nd Fix - After plaster
Finals - Luminaires - taps - grilles etc

In a detailed M&E programme I have used many more activities in each of the sections.

As Anoon says - write a detailed definition of what you have included in each section.

Best regards

Mike Testro
Anoon Iimos
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it’s up to you to define what is it, others may use "final fix" while for some has even 4th fix, so it doesn’t mean anything until you had defined it and it is known to the rest of the team especially the one who will approve it.