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Planning output question

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Darren McCabe
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I am putting together a tender programme for a New School. The school features a 4,500m² Sedum green roof system. Having never delt with a green roof in a project I need to know approximate programme duration and any special constraints that I need to be aware of in the design, procurement and installation of the roof.


Simon Martin
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I did a green roof on my last project - I’d need to look up durations/rates but its relatively quick.

The basic sequence we used was waterproof membrane, insulation, and then essentially soil which was left to seed and grow naturally, rather than using any of the turf systems, with paving walkways for maintenance access.

Rather than having guttering, the roof essentially fills up with rainwater and eventually overflows into the rainwater pipes whch run down the middle of the building rather than the outside. This is to ensure the green roof is kept as moist as possible.

Obviously the structural engineer will design the roof for the load, but if you are using tonne bags of soil like we did, you can’t land them just anywhere and you need a crane still in place, so there are a few logistical issues to consider.
Ashb .
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Hi are you looking for civil or MEP programme ?
It is tender programme i guess you could with limited activities .
I am trying to paste a sample one but i didnt find a way to attach over here