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Contract Master Schedule

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Safak Vural
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Dear Planners,

I am planning to implant and procedurize an understanding for a long term and increasing scope contract while finalizing a contract that includes many extensions, new scopes and out of main scope works that are quite significant. I want to share the information and feedbacks of the seniors here.

First of all I want to state my situation. I am using P3 (I am good at it)&P6(Beginner). My job is mostly onshore Oil & Gas projects. After scheduling, updating closing number of project packages in one contract one after another and monitoring site instructions. I use different projects and all other staff to monitor. In order to have a cumulative view to Project(s) I create new databases that are using the data of this different project schedules (different files). After the great effort that I spend to create much kind of reports for CLIENT and my company’s HQ, I realize that all of the data should be in one database (it does not matter which software you are going to use). I start with the construction planning. I create a Master Schedule for the latest 3 project packages that we have. I create the schedules as the subproject of this master schedule. I can have both individual and cumulative reports. I can send only subproject to the CLIENT and I can keep other confidential information with me. Then I start to think about a bigger project control system, I have a suggestion for P3 and Access based database systems (Because I am good at these). I want to share whats in my mind & appreciate the kindness of the planner that is going to read this long thread and feed back.

There can be a Master Schedule that you can use every project packages as a subproject and site instructions that you can stack up for a variation request as another subprojects.
The way to create the WBS and activity coding system will be defined in the procedure at the beginning of the project and the planning process will be defined and written somewhere. So we will have no problem to create a global dictionary to cover all projects and variations. The usage of a one master schedule and cover all projects and stuff as a subproject of this master schedule is sounds very clever, but here will be many problems. First problem is the different data dates of the baselines of the different projects. We can encounter this problem by updating the baseline with the dynamic schedule in every update period (weekly). So whenever there will be new schedule to implant or a revision to be made from one of the subprojects, all baseline data date will be same. (This will help you to show planned & directly from bar chart without using report writer or custom data items in P3). If you will use the batch to connect your P3 with database you will have many quick and detailed reports with access and excel. (It is very easy to connect create queries with the data from P3 and the site reports).

You can continue and go for the project controls nirvana as you can implant your costs as subprojects which can be relational with the other activities to have a good income-outcome forecast with a strong evidence to support. It is will be very easy to create cost account codes in the database (using excel) as the combination of the activity codes that you can compare with the real costs from accounting department. Etc. …….

I am willing to continue my way as I described. If the seniors could share their experience and suggestions as papers, examples etc. it would be great to have a topic as this everybody could brainstorm. I can also supply some case studies that I am performing as simulations in near future.

Best Regards to every planner.